An Eggcellent Stretch Goal Has Been Reached for AvP

November 15, 2013 by dracs

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The Alien movies (at least the good ones) are characterised by a slow build up towards the horrifying monsters and no sight is more ominous at the beginning than the Alien eggs. We all know what will be happening next when they show up and now they've appeared on Kickstarter.

Alien Eggs

I have already said how the inclusion of the Facehuggers makes for an iconic and interesting element of the Alien vs Predators Miniatures Game and the appearance of the eggs has me equally excited. The eggs would make for some cool scenarios in which the marines have to destroy the eggs, or even genuinely tense moments as you stumble upon a clutch which burst out Facehuggers.

Have you chipped into this Kickstarter?

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