A New Faction Invades Dark Age!

December 6, 2012 by dracs

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December is here and with it comes the apocalyptic predictions of the Mayan calendar.  Dark Age Games are celelbrating our supposed end by releasing their very own Mesoamerican doom, the invasion of their new faction; The Kukulkani!

Dark Age - Kukulkani Announcement

The Kukulkani are a force of ancient Terrans uplifted from the planet thousands of years ago by their alien gods and masters, taken on a murderous crusade across the stars that has somehow brought them to Attr. These monstrous zealots have come for blood and the very life energy of every sentient creature on the planet...which they seem perfectly suited to take!

Bearing advanced technology mixed with ancient Mesoamerican ideology, the Kukulkani are an organized army of savages streaming out from their landed spaceship far in the western hills. Where their flying serpents and fanatical warrior packs storm the countryside, headless and heartless bodies are left in their wake.

We get our first glimpse of these new alien invaders on the cover of december's Ravage Magazine.

Ravage Cover

The rules booklet for this new force will be included in this issue, meaning if you want to find out more about them you should be sure to pick up Ravage this December.

Is there a place in Dark Age for the savagery of the Kukulkani? What am I saying, of course there is!

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