Fantasy Flight Take on America!

April 24, 2012 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games have previewed a new board game, which basically involves everyone ganging up on America. Sounds like fun.

Fantasy Flight Games - Fortress America

It is the near future, and with the unveiling of a new U.S. anti-missile system, global politics have changed forever. Fearing that this defensive network might be used to launch an attack, the world’s governments united to demand its destruction. Now, with diplomacy at a stalemate and the planet at a crossroads, coalitions of nations have been formed unlike any that have ever existed before. Their bold plan involves attacking the U.S. from three directions at once. The United States will stand or fall in the coming weeks, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Can Fortress America survive?

The game involves one player taking control of the American forces and being forced to defend themselves against three other players who will try to attack America on three separate fronts.

Reminds me of games of Risk when everyone gangs up on you. Happens to me with frightening regularity.

Fantasy Flight Games - Fortress America Board

The attacking players must try and coordinate their efforts in order to capture 18 cities, while the American player can either try to annihilate his opponents or simply build up his defences and weather the storm.

Fantasy Flight Games - Fortress America Cards

I think that this one vs three mechanic makes for what could be a truly intense playing style and would really capture the nightmarish WW3 setting.

Do any of  you think they might like to gang up on the yanks? Or will you fight to protect your country against the invaders?

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