The Fleets of the Ottoman Empire Join the Dystopian Wars

May 21, 2013 by dracs

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The graceful ships of the Ottoman Empire have set sail from Spartan Games and are joining the naval battles for national supremacy in Dystopian Wars.

What makes the Ottoman Empire even more intriguing is that most of their ships apparently float just above the waters of the sea, using high powered air jets and magnetic fields. Magnets, is there anything they can't do?

Ottoman Empire Naval Battle Group

As before we see the architectural style of the nation displayed on their ships, with the towering minarets of Istanbul reaching high over the ships.

Ottoman Empire Sadrazam

Spartan have also released the Naval Support Group for the Ottoman Empire's fleets, providing admirals with a bit more offensive power to bring to the seas.

Ottoman Empire Naval Battle Support Group

This new fleet looks very impressive, with a style which stands apart from the other nations we have seen. I just wonder how they play in comparison to some of the other fleets. Just please keep them away from my Britania fleet. The HMS Gulliver has just had a new paint job and I don't want it scratched.

Are any of you flying the flag of the Ottoman Empire?

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