A Flyer to Strafe the Ground Troops of Dropzone Commander

May 7, 2012 by brennon

Hawk Wargames are still pumping out the previews and these newest ones don't disappoint. Check out this rather sleek looking fighter to terrorises the skies with in Dropzone Commander.

United Colonies of Mankind - Archangel Interceptor

Somewhere between a Cylon craft from Battlestar Galactica and a feral hawk! Love the dark design to this and it looks like it will be a terror on the field of battle. And if you're looking for some more infantry to be scared off by this then how about these...

Shaltari Tribes - Braves

The Scourge - Scourge Warriors

The Scourge and Shaltari are some interesting alternative Sci-Fi troopers. The Shaltari in particular have some fantastic design to their helmet and shoulder armour. The Scourge do have a little of the Helgast about them too from Killzone.

Dropzone Commander still right on target for you folks?

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