Forge Father Sneak Peeks for Warpath 2.0 Week

October 24, 2012 by brennon

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The Forge Fathers are easily one of the best races from the new Warpath game from Mantic Games (although maybe this is just Dwarven bias!). I was pleased therefore to see a preview of whats to come for both the miniatures and the mighty Iron Ancestor in Warpath 2.0...


First up is a look at the Thorgarim miniatures, wielding mighty heat hammers into battle. Those sizzling weapons are great for melting their way through even the toughest armour.

Iron Ancestor Updated Rules

And next up is a look at the rules for the Iron Ancestor. The beast can be turned into a walking weapons platform covered in ranged weapons, or you can tool him up with melee arms for a bit more of a personal take on warfare.

It's certainly starting to kick start me into getting back to my Forge Fathers and finishing that army off!

What are you looking forwards too most from Warpath 2.0?

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