Fund the Nuclear Renaissance with Ramshackle’s Kickstarter

February 22, 2013 by dracs

Ramshackle have turned to the mighty power of kickstarter to help expand their game Nuclear Renaissance.

Ramshackle Robot Spider

The kickstarter aims to bring out a supplement they are calling the Tome of Tridlins.

Nuclear Renaissance Tomb of Triddlins

This will bring with it rules for a new campaign system, as well as new faction rules and plenty of other new equipment. One of the most intriguing things this supplement will apparently be bringing is the ability to make your vehicles semi-autonomous through the use of new robotic systems.

Nuclear Renaissance Minis

With some interesting new rules and story work from writers such as Andy Hoare, who has also contributed to both Warhammer 40k and Gates of Antares, this might be an fun addition to the game of Nuclear Renaissance.

Have any of you played Nuclear Renaissance? Will you be backing this kickstarter?

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