GameScape – The Ruined Office Block!

August 2, 2011 by lloyd

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Lloyd has (literally) been working tirelessly to bring you the first GameScape Terrain download... The Ruined Office Block!

GameScape Download: Ruined Office Block


This download is exclusive to Backstage Pass holders so if you haven’t already signed up, now is a great time to do so. It’s only £3.79 a month which means you can get this great bit of terrain and our extra content for less than you would normally pay for a download like this on its own. Plus you could also download the Dave Graffam Models: Townhouse terrain as well!

If you want a Backstage Pass click here to get started, note you will need a free account first before you can add the pass.


Download Ruined Office Block - US LetterDownload Ruined Office Block - Int. A4

This PDF is available in both US Letter and International A4 format so be sure to choose the one that best suits you.

Each area of the Ruined Office Block has been laid out in its own section with a 3D guide for each.

Unlike most printout building this also has a free terrain tile to transform your table into a decaying cityscape, just right for those far-future battles or near future apocalypse!

Once printed, you will have enough parts to make all 3 multi-storey ruined sections and it’s just a matter of printing more to make more.

GameScape Download: Ruined Office Block

GameScape Download: Ruined Office Block


If you want to have a bash at making this, here's what you will need:

  • Foam Core Board
  • A sharp hobby knife
  • A cutting mat (don't use your best dining room table!)
  • A metal ruler or straight edge*
  • PVA glue (or spraymount)
  • Some pre-mixed filler, spackle or fine sand (to add to PVA)
  • Paperclips or wire (optional)

* A metal ruler is optional. The model is very forgiving (it's a ruin after all), but the easiest way to get some of the more precise cuts you'll need is to use a straight edge.


  • Always cut away from yourself
  • Never use a blunt blade (they are more likely to slip when cutting)
  • If you are unsure or inexperienced when it comes to using hobby knives, ask a friend or responsible adult to help you
  • Darrell does not count as a responsible adult

Stay safe and happy gaming!

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