GW Sues Chapterhouse SHOCK!

December 29, 2010 by beerogre

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Well... maybe not so much of a shock...

If you've been watching the antics of Games Workshopfor any length of time, you'll know that they are renowned for being ninjas with their Cease & Desist orders, but this time they've followed through and initiated legal action!

However, you may not be so aware of the work of Chapterhouse Studios. Chapterhouse are the purveyors of "after sales parts" for some of the mainstays of the Games Workshop 40K line... you know... heads, shoulder armour, tentacle things, weapons... and lots more.

GW Sues Chapterhouse

These parts are cast in resin and can be super-glued to your existing 40K models to personalise them a bit and save you having to break out the modelling putty yourself.

But what do you think?

Do you have any experience with Chapterhouse products... or do you prefer to do your own conversion work to your miniatures?

Do you use the parts from any other manufacturers and what do you think this means for those smaller producers who might have products that can be used with other miniatures lines?

Why not drop a comment below... but please keep things PG... we know how these subjects tend to polarise the community pretty quickly!

BoW Andy

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