Hansa is Ready to Step Beyond the Gates of Antares

January 23, 2013 by dracs

The kickstarter for the new sci-fi game Beyond the Gates of Antares is progressing along well and as a reward we have been shown the final sculpt for the mini of Hansa Nairoba.

Gates of Antares - Hansa Nairoba

This is an excellent sculpt and I cannot wait for it to get back from the guys at Golem Painting so we can see how he looks fully finished and ready to game with.

The sculpt has a great level of detail, with cool cyborg implants and a good level of detail on the armour. Even if the armour plates on his buttocks make him look like he's wearing a thong.

Gates of Antares - Hansa Nairoba Back

That shouldn't be like that with a paint job though.

If you want to support this new game, head on over to the kickstarter page now!

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