Hasslefree’s Grymn Gets Shiny New Gear

January 3, 2013 by dracs

A short while back we saw the bulky new sci-fi suit from Hasslefree, the Grymn. Well now you can adjust it to bring just the sort of damage you need with these new weapon options.

Grymn Right Arm Variants

Grymn Minigun and Power Fist

Grymn Pulse Carbine and Missile Launcher

Grymn Sword and Power Fist

When we first saw this Ben suggested that it would make a good alternative miniature in a Forge Father's army for Warpath.

Personally, I think it would better suit Secrets of the Third Reich, if given the correct paint job. In some ways it already slightly resembles some of the heavy armour suits various factions have available and it would fit right in alongside the more technological advances of the Americans or the Germans.

Which of these weapons would you choose to equip it with?

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