Things Get Heavy as Puppets War Unveil New Armoured Minis

September 3, 2013 by dracs

Puppets War have been teasing us with images of new heavily armoured troops and transport. Now we finalyl found out what these are as they announce the Taurus Armoured Vehicle and the heavily armoured Destroyer trooper!

Taurus Armoured Vehicle

As a sci-fi vehicle the Taurus does everything you might expect of it, namely it has the aesthetics of an air-rade bunker which someone has somehow managed to attach wheels to.

As for the Destroyer, well let's just say I doubt he needs the protection of the Taurus.


We had already seen the Ripper, but the Destroyer just takes that general design and dials everything up to 11. Personally, I would think it is almost too big to even be a Terminator, but with some conversion work could make a nice Chaos Obliterator.

Is your army in need of some Puppets War style defence?

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