Oh the Horror! The Tentacled Ral Partha Horror!

July 5, 2012 by dracs

Ral Partha Europe, providers of the classic DemonWorld range, have announced the release in their new RPE Exclusives range. Dare you face the tentacled monstrosity of the Scyphozoan?

RPE - Scyphozoan

RPE - Scyphozoan Unpainted

RPE - Scyphozoan Scale Image

As you can see this guy makes a nice alien addition to both 28mm and 15mm scale games. Possibly it is a remnant of some Tyranid Hive Fleet that once passed this planet. Or maybe it is part of an invasion of monstrous, giant alien creatures rampaging through the cities of Earth.

Whatever you choose to use this mini for it is definitely a versatile sculpt which could be used in many gaming environments and scenarios.

Do any of you think you might pitch your forces against this xenos menace?

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