Hovering Firepower with the Fusilier in Heavy Gear

June 11, 2012 by brennon

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More tanks are bursting onto the scene for Heavy Gear from Dream Pod 9 and especially the NuCoal faction. Check out the latest of them in the Fusilier Light Hover Tank below...

Fusilier in Action

The Fusilier burns ahead of your main formation to screen the advance while laying down some hefty firepower of its own. This tank packs a main Heavy Autocannon, a laser cannon and a battery of Medium Rockets or Anti-Gear Missiles as well as a guided mortar so you want to be avoiding this at all costs.

Fusilier Lit Up

Fusilier Rear View

Fusilier Top View

Fusilier Underside

Fusilier with Voltigeur Sampson and Gear

As you can see it weighs in pretty well against the likes of the Voltigeur Heavy Tank so you're not missing out on some seriously bulk. You can also change the tank to be a Hun Light Tank for the Humanist Alliance Protection forces if you so wished.

A nice kit, and who doesn't like a hovering battle tank in their army?

What do you make of this new tank?

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