Infinity Mule Remotes – From Rearguard to Cybersphere

August 10, 2012 by crew

Let's take a look a Baggage Remote's more specialized support options, the EVO Repeater carrier for Hacking and the Total Reaction version that can be used to shoot down your enemies.


If you are a fan of Combat Hacking, the EVO Repeater is your ace in the hole. In the Infinity universe there are info-warfare EVO troops operating at a great distance from the battlefield, possibly even from planetary orbit, constantly monitoring the data flux coming from the battlefield and providing online support to the tactical combat Hackers deployed to the frontline.

The EVO Repeater is the device that allows EVO troops to enhance the tactical capacity of combat Hackers. Thanks to the EVO Repeater, combat Hackers get a significant increase to their in-game effectiveness.

Automatic programs provided by the EVO Repeater like Icebreaker (which halves target BTS) and Capture (allowing possession of a T.A.G. with a single successful roll) will make your Hackers more lethal than ever.

Collateral programs like Support Hacking (adding a Modifier of +3 to WIP for each extra Hacker who spends 1 Order) and the advantage of Hacking Guided Ammunition (which jams the Forward Observer mark placed over a target) can really save the day.

The EVO Repeater can be considered a bonus to Combat Hacking but, once you have tested it, you will find that the EVO Repeater option of mule Remotes is absolutely necessary when engaging in the info-warfare sphere of Infinity!


Mule Remotes can also be used directly in combat. The Total Reaction option, armed with a Combi Rifle, has been specially designed for security tasks. With this mule option you not only get your Baggage Remote, but also a nice rearguard defender.

While the Total Reaction HMG option of the classic Infinity Remotes can be used for protection and also for offensive tasks –thanks to its range and high Burst and Damage values- the mule’s Total Reaction option is better for close quarters protection.

The Short and Medium range Modifiers of the Combi Rifle are better than the HMG’s and make this Remote suitable for facing and beating any unexpected infiltrator, jump trooper or impersonator that might suddenly appear in your Deployment Zone.

Don’t forget the ARM value of mule Remotes is 2, higher than any other Remote. This means your Total Reaction mule can be launched into combat if needed, and if you hide it behind Partial Cover –getting the +3 Modifier to ARM- it will become a tough adversary your enemy will fear.

As you can see, the different versions of the Infinity robotic mules are all versatile support troops that will increase your victory options. Expand your tactical possibilities with them!

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Written by Gutier Luquiños. Edited by David Satterthwaite.

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