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March 21, 2011 by beerogre


It is 175 years in the future. The star systems colonized by Humanity, known as the Human Sphere, are divided between the great nations who engage in secrets wars behind a delicate balance of power. But an external alien threat can upset everything…

The main human nations - PanOceania, the great hyper-technological power; Yu Jing, its advanced asiatic rival; Haqqislam, the philosophical and humanistic new Islam; the Nomads, anarchic space wanderers; Ariadna, hardy colonists isolated on a hostile world; and ALEPH, the global AI ruling in the shadows - must now face the alien forces of the Combined Army, in service of the EI, an alien artificial intelligence claiming the Human Sphere as the next possession of its immense star empire.

Will they manage to overcome their differences or will they destroy themselves, allowing the alien forces to complete their invasion?

Choose a side, recruit your troops and participate in the most decisive hour of Humanity!


Infinity provides dynamic and realistic rules that, thanks to the revolutionary Automatic Reaction Order system, allow a player to participate in the battle all throughout the game sequence, even during an adversary’s turn. In an Infinity game, you never stop playing!

The rules, special skills, weapons and equipment reflect the futuristic environment where Infinity is set. Invisible camouflaged troops, orbital deployments in the midst of battle, heavy powered armours, guided ammunition, combat hacking, autonomous support robots and mecha-style troops will take you into a future war experience.

Infinity is a game known for its tactical possibilities. The flexibility of its rules provides a spectacular, but tempered by realism, cinematic action gaming experience.

The wide variety of troop profiles allows the player to customize his army lists and adapt them to his personal game style or to enemy tactics. A player may also use the Sectorial Armies, small thematic sub-armies for each Infinity faction. These allow creation of Infinity Fireteams: action groups with special rules. The Sectorial Armies provide an alternative gaming style, expanding the fun of playing Infinity.


The Infinity basic book contains everything necessary to start playing and immersing oneself in this futuristic universe: detailed background about all factions and troops, the complete ruleset, all army lists and more.

“Infinity Human Sphere” is the first expansion for the Infinity universe, with more background information, a new faction: the AI ALEPH, new troops for all factions, the Sectorial Armies and new rules, special skills and weapons.


Infinity is a skirmish game where a player uses from 8 to 15 miniatures. You can start playing Infinity just by buying a Starter Pack, with 6 figures providing approximately 125 army points.

The usual games and tournaments are played at 300 points, but a competitive army list of 200 points, the beginners’ scale, can be created just by expanding the starter set.


Known as the best sci-fi figures in the market, the Infinity miniatures, with their detailed modeling, are of a consistently-awarded high quality standard.


All rules, complete army lists for all factions, weapon charts, markers and templates, from both the basic book and “Infinity Human Sphere”, and all the necessary information to play the game, are freely available in the Download Section of the official Infinity website.

To help a player create his armies, he may also freely download from the Infinity Website two different army builders: the easy Infinity O.R.A. and the enhanced Infinity Army 3.0 with all armies and troop profiles.

In the website you will find the link to the Infinity Wiki which contains all the rules, special skills and weapons from the two books, indexed and linked with the FAQ and also with Infinity Army 3.0, so you can check the characteristics of your troops while you are creating your army list.

Discover the varied range of incredible miniatures and deep background for this exciting future universe by clicking to the Infinity Website.

This is an article written by Gutier Lusquiños in the GTM magazine, the magazine by Alliance distributors who had recently began with Infinity.

Infinity Quick Start Rules Download

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