Justin and I Ask What Has Armorcast Been Smoking?

January 25, 2013 by dracs

Ok, I know this isn't really news, but I wanted to share it with you guys anyway. While researching the previous article Justin and I came across a couple of minis in Armorcast's range that raised a few eyebrows.

It started off with Justin finding these.

Armorcast Hostages

Simple enough, quite nice sculpts which would actually be very useful as objective markers in a game.

Then my eye drifted down the page and came across this.

Armorcast - Mr Jingles

Gah! It's like something Warren might wear to make Justin hurry with the editing!

However, the all time winner for what has to be the strangest ever miniature I have come across has to be this one that Justin found.

Armorcast - Anime School Girl with Hamster Gun

It's an anime girl shooting hamsters out of a grenade launcher! I challenge you to find something more bizarre.

At first I wondered why anyone would do this and then I remembered: Japan.

Go forth and find a miniature even more wacky than this one! This I do task ye with.

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