Is Kabuki’s Scarab Knight in the Works?

May 24, 2013 by dracs

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Kabuki have started work on the latest of their Knights of Legend models, releasing this WIP image to tease us with the Knight's identity.

Kabuki Scarab Knight Green

After looking through the line up of Kabuki's Knights (and admittedly reading the comments people had left on this image) I believe that what we are seeing is the first appearance of the long awaited Scarab Knight.

Scarab Knight

This guy is probably the most exotic in appearance of all of Kabuki's Knights of Legend, sporting a distinctly Egptian style design. He is also one of the least suited to a sci-fi setting. Most of the other Knights are rather androgynous in this regard and could be easily used in either fantasy or sci-fi games, but this guy's design seems to me to fit more in with fantasy.

Could the Scarab Knight be used in sci-fi? Are you looking forward to seeing the final sculpt?

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