Kitbash Competition Oct 2011 – Warpath Vechicles

October 19, 2011 by warzan

Kitbash Competition Oct 2011

Beasts of War have joined forces with the mighty Battle Foam to bring you another sensational competition… a conversion competition!

We want to see your skills at converting models.

We want weapon-swaps and greenstuff galore!

We want putty and pinning, reposing and magnificent model mutilation!



The prize for the Kitbash Competition is as unique as your entry. You will receive a personalised trophy, courtesy of Battle Foam. The trophy will be a custom-cut foam tray, designed to fit your unique, prize-winning entry and emblazoned with the details of your victory!

But that’s not all!

You can’t have a tray without a bag! So we’ll be giving you a brand new Battle Foam bag to transport your exclusive miniature… and any others you might have of course…

But even that’s not the end of it!!!


To celebrate the launch of our first competition, Mantic Games has picked the subject, which will be…


So we want you to convert a vehicle suitable for Warpath. The winner of this first competition gets not only the custom trophy tray and a Mantic Battle Foam bag… but their entry will serve as the inspiration for a brand new Warpath vehicle model... THAT WILL ACTUALLY GO INTO PRODUCTION!


You can’t say better than that for a prize… so get your glue out and start cutting that plastic… it’s time to covert some models and seize the glory!


Entries must comply with the following:

DIMENSIONS – Your conversion must not be larger than following dimensions:

10.5W x 6.75L" (266mm W x 171mm L)

Height is not so important. This is to ensure that the winning entry is suitable for the trophy tray.

BACKGROUND – At least one picture of the model must be taken using the Beasts of War background (printable in colour or black and white, which can be downloaded here: Download in US Letter or Download in A4).

CONVERSION – All entries should be real conversions. That is to say, they should include parts from at least two visibly different models or boxes, or parts that have been posed or reposed in a sufficiently non-standard way.

Alternately, you may use a majority of parts from one or more model(s) and build/sculpt some parts from scratch, as long as it is recognizably a conversion or a new sculpt.

POSTING YOUR ENTRY – The picture of your finished entry should be added to the gallery at the top of this post. Feel free to add Work In Progress pictures, but please include them as additional images attached to your primary entry. You can always use the CONSTRUCTION SITE group to discuss your work.

THE GOLDEN RULE – The judge’s decisions are final regarding what is eligible for entry to the competition.


The entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

PROFICIENCY (0-5 points):

  • Does the final result look consistent?
  • Does the final result look seamless?
  • Was it a non modular piece to begin with (more difficult to convert)?
  • Has the model been reposed as well?

COMPLEXITY (0-5 points):

  • Are there more than two models mixed in?
  • Are there more than one model on the base (diorama, unit, display...)?
  • Are there home-made sculpted elements?
  • Has the base been modelled as well?

CREATIVITY (0-5 points)

  • Has the model got a truly unique design?
  • Is the pose/placement dynamic?
  • Are some parts used in an original fashion (not their primary use)?
  • Has the model been sprayed or painted?

WORK IN PROGRESS (0-5 points):

  • Are there WIP pictures?
  • Are they informative?
  • Are they inspiring?
  • Are they documenting a specific use or technique?
  • Is there a written explanation?


This is NOT a painting contest. A colour scheme that enhances the legibility of the miniature will be taken into account, and even a simple basecoat spraying can do wonders for making your final result look more uniform to the judge's eye... However, a masterful paint-job, while greatly appreciated, will not garner more points than any of the other criteria. Save it for the painting contest, guys!

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