Lay Down some Heavy Fire-power with DreamForge

January 29, 2012 by brennon

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Some pretty fantastic looking previews and 3D Renders for the upcoming Eisenkern Heavy Troopers from DreamForge Games are up on their site.

Eisenkern Heavy Troopers

The first preview below shows off the Quad-Guns of the heavy trooper. A pretty powerful set of weapons on a heavily armoured soldier. This was the miniature that made me think of the Weird World War uses, reminding me of the heavy troopers of Hydra in Captain America.

Heavy Trooper

Eisenkern Heavy Troopers Quad Mount Rear

The Assault Specialist could be seen as the leader of the squad and with the massive blade at his disposal. When I first saw this it reminded me of Anime style knights. Could that possibly be another direction to go down when it comes to painting these guys?

Trooper Close Up

Eisenkern Heavy Troopers - Assault Specialist Rear

The Heavy Auto-Cannon makes up the last of the preview renders. With a massive belt fed gun and shells that look like they could blast apart a tank I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alleyway.

Trooper Heavy Gun

Alternative Head

Loving the Kill Zone style helmet added to this trooper as an alternative addition. As you can see below the models are intended to come with many component pieces allowing you to really make the kind of trooper you want. Can't wait to see these guys in later stages of development.

Trooper Components

These guys look pretty amazing and could work in a variety of different settings. I could seriously see these as good Weird World War soldiers.

What do you make of these renders?

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