Mantic Games Show Off DeadZone At Salute 2013

April 22, 2013 by brennon

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Mantic Games were at Salute 2013 this weekend and one of the games they had around their stall was DeadZone, the upcoming Sci-Fi skirmish game involving Enforcers and some deadly mutated foes. Check out some of the images we got of the game and its models...


To begin with this is the piece of artwork that we'd seen previously showing off the chunky Enforcers and some awesome looking models for them to fight against. Here are some of those beasties below...

DeadZone #1

DeadZone #2

DeadZone #3

DeadZone #4

DeadZone #5

So as you can see it's certainly a skirmish game based on a small board or mat packed with plastic terrain. And now you've had a look at the infected enemies of the Enforcers, let's see what they have to deal with the threat.

Enforcer Captain

Enforcer Sniper

Enforcer Remote Gun Controller

Here we have a new sculpt for an Enforcer Captain, a cloaked and deadly looking Enforcer Sniper and also a model controlling a turret emplacement. It all looks very impressive right now and hopefully this will be a game that allows for a bit of expansion.

That was the fun part of Dwarf King's Hold and something that was lacking in terms of Project Pandora. It's also neat to see the Enforcers out and about, certainly a jewel in the Warpath crown.

Thanks to mattjgilbert and FyD Forja y Desván TV for some of the images!

Are you looking forwards to DeadZone?

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