Mantic Games Update the Peacekeepers of Deadzone

August 30, 2013 by dracs

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A while back Mantic showed off some WIPs for the Peacekeepers of Deadzone. Well they have taken feedback on board and havebrought out a new set of WIPs for you to check out.


Peacekeepers Claws

Peacekeepers Flamethrower

Peacekeepers Sprue

These sculpts do look like they could hold their own when attacked by swarms of mutants and from the looks of it they will have more than enough gear to deal with them.

These are still WIPs and Mantic are currently deciding what components to include in the final sprue. If you want to have your say you can find these WIP images over at the old Deadzone Kickstarter.

What are your thoughts on these? Are there any changes you'd like to see, or any gear you think should be included?

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