The Mars Attacks Miniatures Game Gets Closer [UPDATED]!

September 12, 2013 by brennon

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Mantic Games look to be launching Mars Attacks: The Miniatures Game very soon and the internet is pointing to a start date of October 4th. So the Martians attack one day after my birthday, awesome!

General Tor

Mars Attacks Render

Above you can see some artwork for General Tor and below that a pair of the digital sculpts for the Martians themselves. As you can see they have followed on from their design choice to make them one piece models with a stance that will easily come 'as one' on the sprue.

In a nice find we've spied out some more renders from the upcoming Kickstarter...

General Tor Render

Martian Pose

So there you have it, the render for General Tor above! It's all looking pretty swish isn't it?

Painted Martian 1

Painted Martian 2

You also might have spied that we linked through to another website above which shows off the box art, maybe?

Are you saving the pennies for this one?

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