MaxMini Show Off the Combat Armour Arms with Big Guns

October 8, 2013 by dracs

MaxMini recently recieved the first copies of their Combat Armour Arms and to show them off they put them together with the rest of the Combat Armour Accessories, as well as some particularly big guns.

Combat Armour Arms Display

The arms themselves look serviceable enough and fit in well with the rest of the Comat Armour, but I think this preview shows off some of MaxMini's weapon options to even greater effect.

Armed (hehe) with such pieces these sci-fi sodliers look ready for anything. But is it just me or does the Tesla Canon held by the man on the left look a little phallic. Of course, holding it like that doesn't really help the impression.

Will MaxMini's Combat Armour and heavy weapons be protecting your soldiers?

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