MERCS Add A 7th Member To Their ISS Strike Team

December 20, 2013 by brennon

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The folks at MERCS Minis have put together the 7th member of the ISS team and this explosives expert is ready to start setting charges and blasting his way through walls to get to the enemy and the objective.

ISS Demo

Above you can see the Kiss The Frog deal for the ISS which includes the original starter set for the faction as well as the Demo which you can see in the corner.

ISS Demo Cards

ISS might not be my faction of choice but they certainly have a very nice look to them, with their almost alien looking armour covering their bodies. I assume some of your major MERC heads are going to be all over this new addition to the faction and hopefully he will be blowing holes in walls soon enough.

Are you going to be picking up this Demo?

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