Micro Art Prepare to Take the Skies of Britannia

December 7, 2012 by dracs

The 3D renders of a retro flyer which will be released by Micro Art at some point in the future have been published for us to gaze in rapt awe upon.

British Ultralight

British Ultralight Back

This great looking  sculpt is based upon the design by Leonardo M Giron and is currently waiting for the pilot to be finished till it can become a reality.

British Ultralight Artwork

The 3D renders were done by Irek Zielinski, who has also provided some sculpts for the Infinity range. Here are a couple of his other designs taken from his blog.

Corvus Belli Coffin

Corvus Belli Alien Console

These are two particularly nice designs for Corvus Belli, but it is another sculpt which really caught my anime loving eye.


That is a sculpt of Sabre, a character from one of my favourite anime series Fate / Stay Night. If you haven't watched it, check it out. Unfortunately this is was a private commission, but its still pretty cool.

What are your thoughts on all of these designs?

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