New Models For Both Sides Of Spartan’s Dystopian Past

February 11, 2013 by brennon

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Both Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions are playing host to new models over the coming weeks and months. Check out a selection of previews from both Spartan Games and Studio Sparta...

Dystopian Legions...

Prussian Empire Sturmwagen APC

Kingdom of Britannia General Conveyor

First up are these mighty APC vehicles for Dystopian Legions. Above you can see a Prussian and British design, and they certainly take beefy to a whole new level. Now your troops won't have to slog into battle on foot, but instead can load up and hunt down the enemy in style and steel.

Dystopian Wars...

Dystopian Wars Armoured Models

Invaders Starter Fleet

Dystopian Wars is also playing host to some new models, especially the armoured contingent which is the top most image. These mighty vehicles will be making up part of a new wave and there will be plenty more on the way.

On the Studio Sparta front the Invaders have got themselves a new Starter Fleet. If you're looking to create a bit more of an alien atmosphere in Dystopian Wars then this should be a perfect fit.

Will you be adding to your Dsytopian past?

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