Osprey Publishing Take Us to a World of Steam and Violence!

April 16, 2012 by dracs

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Osprey Wargames, the wargaming range published by popular publishers of factual history books Osprey Publishing, have announced their next set of rules. In Her Majesty’s Name: Steampunk Skirmish Wargaming Rules!

Osprey - In Her Majesty's Name

Being big fans of all things steampunk here at Beasts of War we are really excited to see this coming from Osprey.

The games take place in 1895. The inventions of the scientist Charles Babbage have led to a new world wide scientific revolution, with the advent of portable steam engines, dirigibles, arc weapons, calculating machines and generally everything you would expect to see in any self-respecting steampunk world.

Osprey - Rough Sikh

As you would expect, this has led to a certain amount of international tension as countries compete over resources and the latest technologies. While there is no open conflicts, the world is in a de facto state of war. Instead, countries rely on small adventuring companies to go out and face the foe, engage in industrial espionage, sabotage, rescue and kidnapping and generally do what the government can't be officially seen to do.

The rule system is created to allow a great deal of versatility. As Osprey say, "if the player can imagine it, they can create it in the system." However, the book does provide you with a load of information on every area from technology to mystical powers. There are even a number of pre-made adventurer groups, such as The British Explorer's Society, The Prussian Thule Society, The US Secret Service, the Chinese Black Hand and even Ancient Egyptian Cults. Any fans of folklore or historic conspiracy theories may have let lose a little happy squeal at some of those names.

Osprey - Rough Prussian

Unfortunately, Osprey say that this rule book won't be available until March 2013, but hopefully it should be worth the wait and will make the perfect rules for any fan of steampunk gaming in the Victorian period.

What are your thoughts on Osprey producing a set of Steampunk rules? Do you think it sounds promising? Be sure to leave us your comments below.

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