Pardulon Get Tanked Up

August 4, 2012 by dracs

Pardulon have a new selection of terrain for your tabletop. Chemical Tanks!

Pardulon - Tank 1

Pardulon - Tank 2

Pardulon - Tank 3

These various tanks are great to litter around the battle field and create a good sense of an industrial era. All in all these terrain pieces would make a nice addition to your terrain collection and depending on the paint job, could easily be included in many gaming tables, suitable for any setting from modern day, to futuristic sci-fi, to steampunk.

Another good thing about these pieces is that they are modular, easily combinable into a variety of combinations including this processing plant.

Pardulon - Processing Plant

What sort of thing might you use these for? Do you like the look of the pieces from Pardulon?

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