Plast Craft Add Some Curves To Your Terrain With TME 2.0

December 16, 2013 by brennon

Plast Craft Games have some more awesome terrain on the way for the beginning of 2014 and it would work perfectly with your Infinity gaming too. See what you think of their preview video above and some images below...

TME 2.0 #1

TME 2.0 #2

TME 2.0 #3

TME 2.0 #4

It looks like we're going to get our hands on some sleek designs and very futuristic looking pieces for adding to your urban Sci-Fi scape. I love the look of them already even if they are at the work in progress stage.

The one thing I immediately think that it adds once again is the nature of levels to a game like Infinity. It's awesome to play a game on some fluctuating terrain that allows for surprises, ambushes and plenty of different areas of fire.

Of course as well as Infinity it would be neat to play some MERCS on this too!

What do you think folks?

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