Get Post-Apocalyptic Bargains from Wreck Age’s Vendor Cart

March 24, 2013 by dracs

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In games such as Fallout a common sight in the post-apocalyptic ruins is vendors, making their way around the settlements to sell supplies. Now such stalwart representatives of capitalism have made their way to Wreck Age with the new Vendor's Cart.

Wreck Age Vendor Cart

A useful addition to any post-apocalyptic game, whether you are looking for supplies or are after a new objective for your games.

The addition of a supplies cart allows for some pretty cool new narrative objective. It could be that a group has been hired to collect supplies for the cart and has to return with the objective. Or it could be a standard escort mission, either protecting or attacking the valuable source of supplies.

what other objectives can you think of that would use Wreck Age's vendor cart?

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