Powerful Speeder Variants from Blood & Skulls Industry

September 4, 2012 by brennon

Blood & Skulls Industry has been hard at work in the foundry bringing you a range of different Speeders for your Sci-Fi use. Check out three of the new ones below all of which can be purchased from their eBay store...

Mako Heavy Assault Speeder

Talon Assault Speeder

Thunder Assault Speeder

Some are made exclusively for a single rider, but the Mako in particular could easily have a couple of miniatures stood on the back of it. The design doesn't lend itself too much to the more alien sides out there, but a gritty industrial race would certainly see some use from these.

I could see a Forge Father sitting in the rather squat Talon Assault, but what I'd use it as I don't know!

Which one will you be picking?

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