Predastore Pull Back The Bowstring With New Predette

February 7, 2014 by brennon

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If you're hunting on a wintery world then you're going to want some warm clothes and a bad ass bow to pick off your enemies with style. That's exactly the case with Predastore's new Archer Predette...

Archer Predette (Front)

Archer Predette (Rear)

Once again I think we've got another awesome Predator from these guys. I know that Prodos Games are coming out with their own variation on this with their Kickstarter but Predastore have a great variety of different hunters to choose from.

I like the idea of a more feral, wilderness based Predator who has maybe run out of ammo and fancy gadgets so just has to use what's at hand to hunt her prey. Very cool.

The Predator for you?

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