Puppets War Control the Skies with Orcs and Dragonflies

February 17, 2014 by dracs

Puppets War are getting ready to take flight once again as they are currently printing the Dragonfly Mk II.

Dragonfly Mk II

This model should provide you with a nice alternative flyer to help transport your units around the field. The model is very angular, highly reminiscent of Imperial flyers in Warhammer 40k, so it should fit in well with your army.

However, the Dragonfly Mk II will not patrol the skies unmolested as Puppets War have just released the Orc flying ace the Green Baron and his squad.

Green Baron Squad

Each of the different planes shown here have their own unique pilot and weapon option and are available either individually or as part of a three Orc squadron. The planes themselves are distinctly Orcy and would make a very fun addition to a game's aerial combat.

With which of these will you take to skies?

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