Puppets War Give Your Troops the Terrifying Visage of a Single Egyptian God

April 2, 2012 by dracs

A little while ago we showed you Puppets War's new Egyptian gods head pack. Well good news as they are now being released as specific sets as well as all together.

In other words now you can get enough heads to make a whole unit of troops look like the crocodile Sobek,

Puppets War - Sobek Heads

or possibly the cat goddess Bastet.

Puppets War - Bastet Heads

Also check out this new weapon which Puppets War have previewed on their Facebook.

Puppets War - Missile Launcher WIP

A the moment I'm unsure what this missile launcher could be suitable for, but I will look forward to seeing it when its finished.

Any of you guys think you might make a legion based around the Egyptian gods?

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