Puppets War Introduce us to Some Creepy Little Cherubs

March 22, 2012 by brennon

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It wasn't long ago that we saw some Work-in-Progress models of these guys, but Puppets War have got into gear and they are now released! Check out the Blessed Omniretinue!

Omniretinue Group

Omniretinue with Scroll

Omniretinue with Sword

Omniretinue with Book

What is insanely creepy about these models is how realistic they actually look. Perfect for the Gothic future that they will inhabit but that mix of the uncanny with these models certainly puts them on the side of unsettling! I love the one with the book, would look great stood in front of a preacher or Inquisitor ready to read the rites of battle.

Are you liking this creepy ensemble?

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