Puppets War Shield Your Minis From Harm

July 30, 2012 by dracs

Do your miniatures need just that little bit of extra protection, but still need to look stylish? Well look no further than the new Light Shields now on sale from Puppets War.

Puppets War - Light Shield

Puppets War - Light Shield Plain

This shield has a nicely ambivalent design to it. Primarily it seams to be more suited towards sci-fi miniatures and could definitely serve as an alternative Storm Shield if you think the design would match the look of your army. However, the runic nature of the patterning means that, with a suitable paint job, it could make an interesting shield for a Dwarven force. Or you could always go with both and give them to some Forge Fathers in Warpath.

Will these shields be the fashion accessory your army is looking for?

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