Puppets War Work on New Kit for the Sci-fi Light Infantry

October 7, 2013 by dracs

Hot on the release of their Light Infantry Troopers, the new force for their mankind faction, Puppets War have putout a preview showing the sci-fi troopers off with a couple of new weapon options to get the job done.

WIP Light Infantry

Here we see the men of the Light Infantry sporting a range of weapons, from simple handguns to what looks like an anti-tank rifle. These will provide a bit of variety in your unit of human soldiers and will allow you to tailor them to fit whatever situation they might come up against.

Puppets War aren't only concerned with offence. A couple of new shields have just been released on their online store.

Temistokles Shields

These round, heavy shields are obviously modeled after those used by the famous Greek hoplites and could be adapted for fantasy, sci-fi and even historical gaming.

Do you fancy some new fire arms? Or do you prefer the defences of a sturdy shield?

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