Puppets War’s Heavy Bikers Hit the Road

April 12, 2013 by dracs

Puppets War have released a new squad of bikers. With heavy armour and heavier engines, when Puppets War's Heavy Bikers hit the road you are sure to feel it.

Puppets War - Heavy Biker

Puppets War - Heavy Biker Squadron

Those sure look hefty. They probably handle like a brick, but they certainly look like they could plough through squishy infantry units with ease.

Of course, when you ave biker models you will need biker bases.

Puppets War - Bike Bases

A squadron of these guys would make an interesting addition to a sci-fi force. They could provide you with something a little tougher than your standard bike yet still able to outflank infantry and heavier vehicles.

Will you send out these bikers like a bat out of hell?

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