Puppets War’s Iron Mutants Show the Ugly Side of Cybernetics

October 2, 2012 by dracs

Puppets War have released a set to change your miniatures into truly disturbing amalgamations of man and machine: the Iron Mutants heads and shoulder pads.

Puppets War - Iron Mutants

These heads can only be described as disturbing and vicious, with a great level of detail and well sculpted facial expressions, at least on those with visible faces.

With the new Chaos Cultists introduced in the Dark Vengeance box set, these heads could be the perfect way to convert a unit of cultists into followers of the Iron Warriors Chaos legion. They might also prove useful scattered amongst the marines themselves, showing the twisted cybernetic implantation they practice.

This set allows for a nice level of customisation, providing enough pieces to gear out at least 5 miniatures in this style.

Do any of you think you're in need of some Iron Mutants?

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