Raging Heroes Show Just How Dangerous a Hippo Can Be

September 12, 2013 by dracs

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Raging Heroes have been putting up some updates on the status of their hugely successful Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, but while they are working on those models it seems they decided to make you all a mascot of the most dangerous animal in Africa. The mighty Hippo.

Harry the Baby Hippo

Wow no wonder hippos are considered so dangerous if they're sporting ammo belts. Harry here will be the mascot for the Jailbirds and is an incredibly fun addition to a range of models which has some very grim sci-fi pieces among it.

But of course The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy isn't all about incredibly cute yet dangerous looking miniatures and alongside the hippo scuttles out this artillery piece.

Jailbirds Kurganova Artillery

Placed up on walker legs I think that this is one of the coolest alternative heavy weapons set ups I have seen.

Did you chip into Raging Heroes' Kickstarter? Are you looking forward to getting your Toughest Girls of the Galaxy?

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