Ramshackle Bring More Mighty Guns to the Battlefield

August 7, 2012 by brennon

Ramshackle Games have been hard at work forging some mighty guns for the battlefield. You might have already seen the first of our new weapon selection, the Artillery Cannon, but they have recently added two more guns for blowing planes from the sky...

Artillery Cannon

Regardless of seeing it before, this gun is a pretty awesome piece of kit. I want to find a way to work a few of them into an Imperial Guard battery line.

Anti-Air Cannon

Gnu Flak Cannon

Next up out of the workshop though are these beauties. You have here the Anti-Air Cannon and the Gnu Flak Cannon, both ready for blowing enemy aircraft out of the skies to come crashing down on their hapless allies.

Even if you didn't use these as in-game miniatures they would make great pieces of terrain for a ruined battlefield or an overrun rear line.

What do you make of this extra firepower?

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