Rebel Minis Build a 15mm Steampunk British Empire

September 2, 2013 by dracs

Rebel Minis have released a set of 15mm British Steampunk Infantry so you can build an empire in a world of Victorian Romance.

15mm Steampunk Brits

Now I am admittedly not much of a judge when it comes to 15mm sculpts, but these certainly seem serviceable enough.

I would say that, apart from the gas masks, they don't look that steampunk. There isn't all that much character to these, other than that suggested by what appears to be an extra cannister on the but of the rifle. However, they will get the job done and I am sure will still be able to show the local natives the superiority of Her Majesty's army, what?

Are there any rule systems you know of which these could be used in?

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