Ring Out Belles for Infamy’s Limited Edition Beauty

May 2, 2013 by dracs

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Infamy Miniatures have announced that they are now selling a limited edition 54mm version of their Belle of steampunk style miniatures, Talullah Belle.

Infamy - 54mm Talullah Belle

Infamy - 54mm Talullah Belle Back

Infamy - 54mm Talullah Belle Scale

Now given the scale it is obvious that the miniature is impractical for most game purposes, although with that stance I think it could make a pretty awesome statue.

I think most people are more likely to use this as a display piece. The design of the miniature itself is perfect for this purpose, especially with the steampunk style base it is standing on. This piece is definitely a great miniature to show off your painting with, so if you want to challenge yourself with 54mm scale you should hurry up and pick it up.

Do any of you buy minis for display like this? Or do you stick to only those with a gaming purpose?

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