Scibor Kit You Out in Spartan Glory

October 18, 2012 by dracs

Scibor have released a new selection of Spartan style accessories for your sci-fi warriors. Don't worry, this isn't the sort of Spartan style that involves drawn on pectorals and loin cloths.

Scibor - Scibor Weapons and Arms

Of course, if you're not after the iconography of these mighty warriors than why not try the style of the one of the greatest armies in history. The Romans.

Scibor - Roman Shoulder plates

As you can see, Scibor offer more than enough to give your army a unique style, whether your after something that symbolizes imperial might or a warrior ethic. These pieces are well sculpted with a nice level of detail which will help to make your miniatures stand out.

Have you ever used any of Scibor's accessories? What was your experience of them like?

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