Scibor Begin Working on Some New Sci-Fi Armour

November 4, 2013 by dracs

It seems that Scibor believe their sci-fi knights are in for an update as they have put out some concept sketches of a new Cruiser Mech Suit for them to wear to battle.

Cruiser Mech Suit Concept 1

Cruiser Mech Suit Concept 2

This new combat armour will provide the sci-fi knights with more hitting power and protection, probably intended to be Scibor's equivolent of the less than stellar Centurions from Games Workshop.

At present we just have an idea of the basic shape of the Cruiser Mech Suit, but we are assured that it will be covered in the detailed decoration which Scibor do so well at.

How do you think this new armour is shaping up?

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