All Your Signage Needs Solved By Ramshackle Games

December 18, 2012 by brennon

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Giving your terrain that added edge and sense of character, Ramshackle Games have produced a number of signs. Check out the Radsuit, Door, and H2 Woah sets below...

Radsuit Sign

Open & Shut Door

H2 Woah Sign

While the name of the Radsuit Warehouse would suggest that these are for a post-apocalyptic landscape the font has something very Orky about it. Maybe you could slap a few of these to some Ork vehicles for that truly authentic 'slapdash' look.

I quite like the Open & Shut Door too, with a working sign! Some examples of the kind of terrain these would fit are on the various pages linked above, but let your imagination go wild.

What do you think of this signage?

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