Smart Max Release a Crystal Cossack and a Nasty Nurse

September 12, 2012 by dracs

Smart Max have two new awesome looking bizarre miniatures for you to add to your collections, whether you are looking for a 54mm gaming piece or a 150mm model just to show off.

First we have the new release of Astrakhan the Cossack.

Smart Max - Astrakhan

This 54mm master piece is an excellent sculpt, although I'm not quite sure what is up with the crystal sticking out of his head. Ah whatever, it's cool!

This guy looks as if he would be suitable for steampunk to futuristic sci-fi, depending on how you paint him. Maybe he could be used in the old games of Inquisitor, except I think the scale might be a bit off for that.

Along with Astrakhan we have a truly terrifying 150mm sculpt. HelloooOOoo Nurse!

Smart Max - Magda Schiller the Dark Nurse

This is Magda Schiller, the Dark Nurse. Standing at 150mm scale, she is obviously intended more as a display piece rather than for any sort of gaming use, but I thought I would show her to you guys just because it is pretty cool. Although imagine if you could use it in a game...

OK guys time for a challenge, come up with a 150mm scale game to use the Dark Nurse in.

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