A Preview of the Heavy Gear Hydra Strider from Dream Pod 9

October 24, 2012 by brennon

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Forged in Fire - The Southern Field Guide is out in the near future and the folks behind Heavy Gear, Dream Pod 9 have provided us with an awesome looking preview of their Hydra Strider...

Hydra Strider #1

Hydra Strider #2

Hydra Strider #3

Certainly an interesting looking bi-ped walker that takes that anime theme to the next level in Heavy Gear. I'm liking the fact that it has nice big chunky legs that look like they could actually hold it up. Far too often you see these bi-pedal walkers that seem as if they could blow over in the wind!

Talking of other inspirations it also feels like it might have a bit of the Metal Gear Solid about it too! It will be fun to see what else is coming from the Southern Field Guide but this is a great start!

What do you make of the Hydra Strider?

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