Spellcrow Wrap Their Orks Up Warm

August 28, 2012 by dracs

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Spellcrow are continuing to release a wide variety of ork heads to provide you with the most stylish greenskins around. Check out these two new head options.

First we can see the Winter Devils look.

Spellcrow - Winter Devil Orcs

With these warm, woolly hats these greenskins will be able to take the fight to even the coldest of climates and still look good while stomping their foes into the frozen land scape.

Not to be outdone, the Blitzkrieg orks have also upped their style. What's cooler than a Blitzkrieg ork you ask? A Blitzkrieg ork with goggles!

Spellcrow - Blitzkrieg Orks with Goggles

Goggles make everything look just that bit more awesome. Especially beer goggles.

These latest offerings from Spellcrow continue with their level of good quality and well detailed sculpts, providing you with yet more ways to set your ork army apart. I particularly like the Winter Devil orks and would love to see an army styled around fighting in cold weather environments.

Have any of you used any of Spellcrow's ork accessories? How do you think these ones compare to their previous ones?

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